Thyroid • Hashimoto’s • Adrenal Fatigue • Peri-/Menopause • Fibroids
Estrogen Dominance • Infertility • Breast Cancer/Lumps

If your intuition is telling you that your fatigue, weight gain,
depression, anxiety, miscarriages, infertility, hair loss,
or just
generally feeling “blah” has something to do with your hormones…
If you are eating well but are still not feeling like yourself…
If you are confused about what to eat, then…
….you are in the right place.

Let me begin by reassuring you that
there is NOTHING WRONG with you.


Think about it: healthy and balanced people don’t generally struggle with weight issues, depression and anxiety episodes.Honoring your body with BALANCE is the most transformative gift you will ever offer yourself.

So how do you do this? I’ll tell you more in just a moment.

But first, let’s talk about some of the common health issues that are often directly linked to your hormones being out of whack…

Many women don’t realize that ALL of these
can be caused by hormone imbalance:


  • Belly fat
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Food cravings
  • Incontinence
  • Facial hair
  • Bouts of anger
  • Muscle loss
  • Forgetfulness
  • Breast lumps
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Depression
  • Sagging skin
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of motivation
  • Hair loss
  • Mood swings
  • Cellulite
  • Body pains and aches
  • Feeling “tired but wired”
  • Crying for no reason
  • Breast and ovarian cancer

When you suffer from one or more of these,
most doctors simply say:

“It’s in your head”
“Eat healthy”
“Take this pill”
“Exercise more”
“Take a vacation”
“Let’s put you on birth control pills”

Sound familiar?

You are not alone


  • One in 13 people suffers from hypothyroidism. Some sources cite 30% of the population as having a subclinical thyroid condition
  • 43% of women ages 18 to 59 experience sexual dysfunction at some point in their lives
  • 75% of women experience PMS
  • 75% of menopausal women experience life-disrupting symptoms
  • 40% of women experience insomnia
  • 74% of adults are chronically sleep deprived
  • The World Health Organization predicts that by 2020 depression will become the #2 cause of disability and premature death for men and women of all ages
  • An estimated 80% to 90% of all diseases is caused by stress
  • 85% of women suffer from some degree of hormonal imbalances at least once in their lifetime.


In spite of numerous scientific studies showing that nutrition can reverse many of these imbalances, most doctors persist with invasive treatments such as hormone-replacement therapy – and mind-altering medications (like anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications).Why?

The truth is: there is not much money in helping you eat well.

On the other hand, the pharmaceutical industry – selling hormone-replacement solutions supporting the thyroid, PCOS, infertility treatments, menopause, estrogen, progesterone and DHEA hormones – is a multi billion dollar industry.


1. All of the above conditions are reversible
2. The right food can help you balance your hormones naturally

Who is the program for?

Anyone suffering from:

Thyroid • Hashimoto’s • Adrenal Fatigue
PMS • Infertility • Peri-/Menopause • PCOS
Endometriosis • Estrogen Dominance
Fibroids • Breast Lumps/Cancer

Or, anyone who can relate to
any of these statements:

  • “I already eat well but I’m still having health problems”
  • “I’m confused about what to eat”
  • “I cook the same thing over and over again”
  • “I can’t imagine living without gluten and dairy!”
  • “I need to know what to eat for breakfast!”
  • “I need healthy snack and dessert recipes”
  • “I don’t know what to eat anymore after cutting out so many foods”
  • “I’m too busy to cook”
  • “I don’t know how to cook” or “I’m a lousy cook”
  • “Can food really help my hormones?”


Nobody thrives in deprivation.


I hear you and this is why
I created Cooking for Balance.

Here is how “Cooking for Balance” can help:

1. Discover the Right Foods for YOU

The reason why so many of us are confused what to eat is because we turn off our innate ability to listen to our body. Truth be told: no one diet or protocol works for everybody. Some people do well on gluten-free alone and others need to adopt paleo and/or low FODMAP protocol to start feeling great.

During the program, you will learn how to listen to your body and derive your own way of eating. I will teach you tools to hone on the food that makes you feel great and that depletes you.

2. Saves You Time

We only use a few ingredients per recipe and most can be made in 15 to 20 minutes.

You will also learn techniques apart from recipes – this way you don’t have to follow recipes each time you need a quick meal – you will know how to put something together in no time.

3. No gimmicks and expensive supplements
The program is all about healing and balancing your hormones with real food. You will not be asked to buy any supplements, pills, shakes and powders. Instead, we will focus on restoring your digestion, sugar levels and support your liver (all key to hormonal balance) with real food only.
4. Abundance, Not Deprivation
Many of us cut out a lot of foods to feel better but we end up feeling deprived because we don’t add new foods into our repertoire to replace the ones we aren’t eating anymore. You will learn how to add nutrient-dense and delicious new foods to feel empowered with abundance.
5. Techniques, Not Just Recipes
I want to teach you how to fish and not just give you the fish. By learning techniques, you won’t have to rely on a set of recipes (and get bored with them over time) but create your own tasty variations that will even surprise you.
6. Online Support
I’m here to support you on this journey. As you are going though the program, you will be supported by other participants and me in our vibrant online forum. You will never feel alone.



Risk-free Purchase

7-day No-Questions-Asked Guarantee

I want you to be confident with your purchase. Get the content, get into the kitchen, try things out and see how it’s working for you. If you feel like this is just not right for you, I will refund you the full amount without any questions and delays – within the first 7 days of your purchase. Sounds good?

Eating right is different
than eating “well”

One of the biggest challenges with today’s nutrition is the war of diets and protocols that promise results and transformation. In reality, most of them fail… not because they are bad but because they don’t recognize and respect that each person has different nutritional needs.

There is no “one size fits all” diet.

The food that makes me feel good is different from the food that YOU need. Let’s respect and honor that.


In Cooking for Balance, I will teach you how to listen to your body and learn what food it loves and what it rejects.

What our past participants have
experienced after the program…


Eating RIGHT
not just well
More playtime
with the kids
Feeling sharp and
motivated at work
Motivated and clear on
what to eat each day
Loving and
understanding your body
Inspired by
simple recipes
Loving the person
you see in the morning
Supported by women
who are just like you
Feeling clean and light
from the inside out
Passing on good habits
to the kids
Healing your
Fitting into
old clothes
Jocelyn Dunstan Escudero

Ph.D Physicist and Researcher


Didn’t know what to eat • Digestive problems • Bloating
Gluten and dairy sensitivity • Irregular periods

Her story:

“I’ve learned to eat savory breakfasts and I’m never hungry now.

“The chocolate hazelnut smoothie fixes all my cravings.”

“This is really empowering.”

“I love the Done-for-You Guides; they show how you can make simple food so nutritious.”

“There are so many great recipes here using gelatin.”

“This program is not just about recipes but about hormonal education and information.”

Lisa Bentovoglio

Health Advocate and Smoothie Queen


No time to cook • Adrenal fatigue • Food sensitivities
PCOS • Fear of getting off birth control pills

Her story:

“The program teaches you the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ to eat.”

“I love to cook but I’m a lazy chef. The Done-for-you Guides make it a no-brainer.”

“This program gave me the tools to get off birth control pills and I feel great.”

“The Cravings Guide helped you understand what my body really needed from me.”

“I learned how to make proper smoothies, not the ones I used to make, full of sugar.”

“My favorite recipe: nut cheeses!”

Sandy Cardy

Author, Speaker and Transformational Educator


Doesn’t like to spend time in the kitchen • Ate well but wasn’t feeling great
Hashimoto’s antibodies • Ovarian cancer • Menopause

Her story:

“I’m in menopause and today even though I stopped taking bio-identical hormones and I had a hysterectomy, I feel better than ever. I attribute it to food.”

“I stopped taking bio-identicals as they were not addressing the root causes of my menopause symptoms. I feel great now.”

“As a ovarian cancer survivor, I’ve been on a health journey for a long time so this program was all about filling in the gaps.”

“By eating right for my body, my Hashimoto’s antibodies came down.”

“As a person who is always on the go, I really loved the On-the-Go Guides – of wraps and salads.”

Joanna Maclean

Joanna-Maclean“Reversed my insulin resistance after finding it impossible to shift any if much weight at all.”

“I joined Cooking for Balance as I had previously worked with Magdalena and loved her meticulous approach, her recipes and most of all her vast knowledge. I have taken my health to a new level by learning things that I would never have found anywhere else. I am now confident in making bone broth and fermented foods and I have a much better understanding of gut health. A few months after starting the two programmes I was told I had reversed my insulin resistance after finding it impossible to shift any if much weight at all. There is not a day now where I do not make something from the programme my favourites being salmon dip, kale and avocado breakfast, and my own smoothies from the smoothie builder. It really is all done for you. Thank you Magdalena!

How this program will help you


Plenty of breakfast ideas

No more confusion about what to eat, no more crashes at 11am

Healthy snacks

Drop the sugar-loaded snacks and create your own in no time

Low-sugar desserts

Learn to make “wow” and nutrient-packed desserts with minimal sugar

Cooking more

‘Coz you will learn to cook with few ingredients, made in < 15 minutes

Know what to eat

No more confusion as your body will tell you what it loves

Sugar levels in check

So you never feel crashed, sleep deep and wake rested.

Empowered with choices

Removed foods from your diet due to sensitivities? Learn to replace them with a variety you never thought about before.

Restored energy

To do all the things you always wanted but have no energy to do today.

Healthy weight

A balanced body = no weight problems. Let’s get you in balance (without counting calories).

Food cravings gone

Free of sugar and carb cravings forever.

New techniques

Learn to ferment, sprout and make a variety of bone broths

New community

Meet like-minded women who have been on your journey.

What you will get


Recorded Cooking Classes

4 Recorded Classes, can be replayed over computer, iPad or iPod. All classes are available for live.

Class 1: Fermentation & Gut Repair
Class 2: Sprouting / Thyroid & Estrogen Dominance
Class 3: Sugar cravings, Desserts & Adrenal Fatigue
Class 4: Kitchen tricks / Menopause & PCOS

Nutritional Training Video

1-hour video that gives you the 101 of nutritional principals that govern hormonal balance to help you get the most of the program.

Healing Training Video

1.5-hours video to discover how your gut, liver and sugar levels are the foundation of hormonal balance. This will help you understand why we cook with certain foods and not others.


Over 80 recipes, searchable by protocols like paleo, AIP, low FODMAPs, anti-Candida and low histamine.

Cooking Demo Videos

More than 20 videos demonstrating many cooking techniques and recipes.

Done-for-You Guides

Gut Healing
Liver Support
Sugar Balance
Thyroid & Hashimoto’s Recovery
Adrenal Rebalancing
Menopause Support
Estrogen Balancing
PCOS Support
Anti-Candida Clearing
Healthy Fats & Oils
Healthy Sugar & Sweeteners
Elimination of Food Cravings

Technique Guides

Wraps On-the-Go
Soups On-the-Go
Stir Fries On-the-Go
Smoothie DIY Builder
Sprouting Guide

Meal Plans

Get meal plans supporting each protocol: elimination diet, paleo, AIP, low FODMAPs, anti-candida or low histamine.

Protocols Explained

Learn which protocol is best suited for you: elimination diet, paleo, AIP, low FODMAPs, anti-candida or low histamine.

Online Community Forum

Get support, ask questions and share your journey in our thriving online community.

Lifetime Access

All content will be available to you for life

All recipes are free of:


And are very low in sugar

All recipes can be searched by:

  • Elimination Diet
  • Paleo
  • Paleo for Autoimmunity (AIP)
  • Low FODMAPs
  • Anti-Candida
  • Low-Histamine

Recipe Library Sneak Peek





Risk-free Purchase

7-day No-Questions-Asked Guarantee

I want you to be confident with your purchase. Get the content, get into the kitchen, try things out and see how it’s working for you. If you feel like this is just not right for you, I will refund you the full amount without any questions and delays – within the first 7 days of your purchase. Sounds good?



Q: What is the format?

A: The four Classes will be delivered online on your members’ portal, all you need is internet access and a browser to watch them from a link we send you. The rest of the content is in the form of online videos (some recipes), PDFs (like our guides) and recipe pages. You can use your computer, iPad or iPod to view the content.

Q: Where are the classes?

A: All classes and content are delivered online so you can partake from anywhere in the world. This is a Do-It-Yourself program so you can do them in your own time. We will be releasing the classes (even though they are prerecorded) every week to you, to pace things :-).

Q: How much time will I need each week to cook?

A: It’s absolutely up to you. I’m not a fan of spending too much time in the kitchen, therefore I will teach you how to make nutritious meals in less then an hour per day.

Q: What if I don’t know how to cook?

A: I created a segment that teaches the basics of cooking and food preparation. You will never feel intimidated by the recipes (they are really simple) or videos (even simpler). And remember, I’m not a professional chef either so if I can do it, so can you!

Q: Will this program help me if I lost my thyroid?

A: Yes, it definitely would. 50% of people I work with lost their thyroid due to radiation or cancer. Even though you are taking some form of synthetic or natural thyroid replacement (like Synthroid or Armour), the health of your gut and liver will directly impact how you metabolize and use the medication to feel well. Many people who follow my protocol reduce the doses even if they have no thyroid.

Q: Can this program help me if I had a full/partial hysterectomy or mastectomy?

A: Absolutely! When you lose a gland or body part, your body still produces other hormones and depends on the health of your gut, liver and sugar levels to use these hormones. Even if you are on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, the new way of eating will help your body use these hormones more effectively.

Q: Can this program help me if I have thyroid nodules, breast lumps and ovarian cysts?

A: Absolutely! The hormonal imbalance that often leads to these conditions is called estrogen dominance and we will extensively cover how to use food and some supplements to support and reverse this condition.

Q: Would I be able to reduce or get off my thyroid medication?

A: Reduce, yes, very likely under the supervision of your doctor. Many people start experiencing symptoms of being “hyper” which is a sign that it’s a good time to talk to your doctor about reducing the dose. Getting off thyroid medications takes time and it depends on the damage your thyroid had endured over the years. Most thyroid conditions are autoimmune-related; it’s the immune system that launched an attack on the thyroid. In this program, you will learn how to address that attack so healing happens.

Q: Will I need to buy any protein powders or additional supplements?

A: Absolutely not. We will only be working with real food.

Q: Is Cooking for Balance suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

A: About 60% of the recipes are vegetarian and vegan. I do not focus or promote this way of eating as I’ve found that only a small percentage of people thrive as vegans or vegetarians. Hormones are made of proteins and in spite what the vegeterian community says, there are specific amino acids that are not present in plant-based proteins. Having said that, I don’t promote eating bacon all day long either and you will see that I’m a big proponent of 70% of our diet being plant-based.

Please also note that plant-based proteins come from beans, legumes, soy, nuts and seeds which unfortunately are not easily digested and they can cause many health issues.

Many vegans and vegetarians will not agree with me here but please remember that I am not dogmatic in my approach, I simply work with approaches that create healing for my clients.

I have turned many vegans and vegetarians to eating small amounts of animal proteins (often starting with bone broths or fish) and this is where we finally see improvements. If you have exhausted all options and you are still not feeling better, this program could be a good starting point for you.

Sometimes to heal, we need to honor what our body needs and not what you we think is good for us.

Q: Are the meals in Cooking for Balance suitable for women with PCOS, history of cancer, menopause, candida, histamine intolerance, etc?

A: They absolutely are. I created the program with that in mind. We have protocols that are specifically for PCOS, estrogen dominance (women with breast lumps and cancer should use these), menopause, thyroid, Hashimoto’s and more. All recipes are searchable by anti-candida and low histamine tags. Where possible, the recipes contain instructions how to modify each recipe to comply to low FODMAPs, low hitamine, anti-candida, etc.

Q: Are the meals in Cooking for Balance suitable for families and men?

A: They totally are!

Q: Will I need to buy any protein powders or additional supplements?

A: Absolutely not. We will only be working with real food.

Q: How long will I have access to these materials?

A: For life.

Q: What other support will I get?

A: We have a vibrant online community of women who have done this program. We support each other and I, Magdalena, go there on a daily basis to support our members.